Data recovery

We are a laboratory specialized in
recover lost data

Professional data recovery processes from any storage device from our own electronics laboratory.

Our goal is to recover data

If we do not recover the data, we do not charge

12 years experience in the sector.
More than 20.400 diagnoses made.
More than 29.300 discs in stock to provide a fast service.
Own software and personalised intranet.

We recover all types of storage devices:
hard disks, RAID, flash drives, USB sticks, SSD disks, memory cards...


Mechanical hard disks

HDD disks have as main components the metal plates (discs), where the data is stored, and the heads that are in charge of being able to access the information. The most common hard drive.

SSD Hard Drives

SSDs do not move, hence the name solid state. The information is stored in blocks and no headers are required to access it. It is much more efficient and faster than an HDD hard disk.

External Hard Drives

External hard disks allow us to store outside the computer all the important information of which we want to make a backup copy. But one failure can cause us to lose all this data.

iPhone, iPad or MacBook

Apple devices, both iPhone, iPad, iMac, MacBook, Mac Mini, etc. They are reliable, elegant, powerful and easy-to-use devices.

Laptop hard disks

On the laptop hard disk we store important work or home information. If a failure occurs, it can cause us to lose all this valuable personal data.

NAS, SAN and DAS disks

A SAN, NAS or DAS disk is a compact enclosure consisting of several hard disks that are connected via a network cable to the system, hence the common name network hard disk.

RAID systems

RAID disks are a redundant group of independent disks. They can be HDD disks or SSD disks and together they form a storage system to distribute or replicate data.

Pendrives and USB Flash Drives

Pen drives or USB flash drives consist of one or more memory blocks. They work in many cases like SSD devices (same Flash technology).

Memory cards

Memory cards are used to store information from devices such as cameras, cell phones or tablets. They differ in their storage capacity and read/write speed.

Virus or Ransomware

We recover data encrypted with viruses or ransomware. Ransomware is extortion software: its purpose is to prevent you from using your device until you have paid a ransom. Depending on the type of ransomware, the entire operating system or just some files are encrypted.

Mobile Phones and Tablets

In mobile devices or smartphones or tablets, the recovery processes can be carried out through the analysis of the electronics of the damaged components or, by carrying out the chip off process.

Data deletion

We offer the service of deletion and destruction of secure data with a certificate, either in our laboratory or remotely.

Forensic Analysis

Computer forensic analysis and expert evidence. We recover and certify critical information with legal value for companies and individuals. We have collegiate computer experts to carry out certifications, expert analyzes and reports with legal value.

How does data recovery work in Laby?

Have your device well protected and ready for us to pick it up*.

Call 900 525 666 or ask for a quote.
*In case of refusing the quotation, the ROUND TRIP and RETURN of the device will be charged by the courier company.

We offer you a free diagnosis and quotation within 4 hours.

You will receive a diagnosis and a quotation within 4 hours of receiving the disc in our laboratory.

We take an average of 4 to 7 working days to recover your data depending on the type of device.

You will be able to follow up through a personalised access to our intranet.

We deliver your data dumped on your own or your client's physical disks.

Once the information has been retrieved and dumped, we will proceed to deliver your data, after payment, wherever you indicate to us

Benefits of our Data Recovery Service

All brands....

We recover data from any brand of device: Seagate, Western Digital, Fujitsu, Samsung, Hitachi, Toshiba, HGST Ultrastar and other...


The recovery time depends largely on the condition of the disc. But having our own laboratory and repository with more than 20.400 replacement parts speeds up the whole process.

Quality & R+D+I

We are certified by AENOR in ISO 9001 quality. Our team is in constant training on the latest technologies. We permanently update the recovery processes according to the technological advances related to tools and types of devices on the market.

Support in the process....

We have a specialized team and different channels to facilitate any interaction with our clients that allows us to resolve any doubt at any time.

National coverage

Recovery is performed in our laboratory. We process the collection of your device throughout the national territory, we have collection points in the main cities, see attached map.


Both the technical team and the rest of the staff are in constant training in order to be able to offer the best of ourselves.

Where to recover your lost data?

We perform data recovery from our laboratory covering the entire Spanish territory
and have collection points in the following areas:

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Toni LZ
Toni LZ
Han recuperado el contenido de un macair. Le han dedicado cariño a la recuperacion. Y ademas han conseguido q el mac vuelva a funcionar (fuera de presupuesto). Gracias al equipo de laby y en especial a edu. Gran experiencia
Daniel García Sánchez
Daniel García Sánchez
Trabajo con ellos desde hace más de 1 año, envío los discos irrecuperables de mis clientes, y solo tengo buenas palabras. Profesionales y con precios competitivos. Los clientes que acceden a recuperar datos de discos irrecuperables quedan completamente satisfechos por el trabajo realizado. Muchas gracias
alejandro perez
alejandro perez
Personal muy profesional, me solucionaron todo con mucha rapidez. Son recomendables 100%
Alejandro Ginés García
Alejandro Ginés García
Eficientes, y funcionan.
Raul M
Raul M
Me han recuperado la información de un disco duro externo después de una caída. Desde el principio fueron claros con los precios indicando una horquilla de precio en función de la avería. Se encargan de la recogida y envío por lo que te despreocuopas de esa parte. La atención fue muy buena y transparente.
arantzazu garcia montoya
arantzazu garcia montoya
Mi experiencia ha sido magnifica.En todo momento te informan de como va el estado de la recuperacion de los dstos,muy buena atencion al cliente.Y el precio,para mi no tenia precio la recuperacion de 3 años de fotos y videos de mis hijos.Estoy muy agradecida por todo,muchisimas gracias!! Si me tuviera otra averia,no dudaria ni un segundo.
Tele M.
Tele M.
El tracte personal és de gran amabilitat i faciliten les coses al màxim. El sistema de visualització dels arxius que es poden recuperar és excel·lent i et permet valorar allò que cal recuperar. Gran nivell i professionalitat!
Antonio V V
Antonio V V
Genial el trato y el servicio. Sería perfecto si el precio fuese algo más ajustado

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