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Our specialized technicians can recover lost data from damaged external hard drives. You will be informed at all times of the status of the recovery.

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External hard drives

Parts of an external hard drive

An external hard drive is made up of a mechanical hard drive or SSD, an external connection adapter (USB, USB C, Firewire etc) and a plastic or metal casing. There are two types, the 3.5” ones that exclusively carry mechanical hard drives and are of high capacity and the 2.5” ones that can carry both mechanical hard drives and SSDs.

Its Variants

Types of external hard drives

The 3.5” ones, apart from the cable to the computer, need additional power (a transformer), while the 2.5” ones, except for very old disks, allow them to be powered directly from the PC port where it is connected. In 2.5” disks, an additional plate was used between the disk (SATA format) to convert it to USB or similar. Nowadays, manufacturers have created electronic boards with the integrated USB connection to reduce costs.


We are specialists in data recovery from damaged external hard drives with more than 20.800 diagnosed cases. We want to advise you based on our extensive experience.

Recover data from an external hard drive


If you encounter a situation similar to this:

  • The computer does not start and reports a hard drive failure.
  • The drive is making a strange noise or is very slow.
  • After a power outage or blackout the hard drive stops working.
  • The computer has crashed and the disk has crashed.
  • The computer boots but does not recognize the hard drive.
  • Unable to access saved videos, photos and/or documents.
  • Any other situation not mentioned above.
Recover data from external drives

We can offer you an external hard drive recovery.

Our data recovery service works on any brand of external hard drive: Western Digital, Seagate, Toshiba, Hitachi, Samsung, Fujitsu, LaCie , Sandisk, PNY, Intense, Freecom, Transcend</ i>, Adata, G-Drive, G-Raid...
We carry out recovery processes on the damaged external hard drive and we will read the information that is stored with total seriousness and confidentiality.

Trust Laby, we can recover the information from your external drive.


Both internal and external mechanical disks offer capacity and performance at a relatively low cost. However, they contain fragile components such as reader units (heads) that can be damaged over time, through use, shock or unexpected vibrations.

To avoid further damage to the device:

Turn off the device as soon as possible. It will prevent further damage that may condition the recovery process.

Do not tamper with the device. Forcing screws, or opening it in an uncontrolled, dust-free environment can adversely affect the chances of recovery. Remember that the inner parts are very sensitive and delicate.

The use of recovery software in physical cases may permanently damage the device. Avoid using it in such cases.

Contact a data recovery laboratory. These are the professionals who have the tools and adequate training to be able to evaluate and carry out the data extraction and recovery processes.


In just 1 HOUR

We process the collection through courier service.

In 4 Working Hours

After receiving the device in the laboratory (within 24 hours), we carry out a diagnosis and budget without obligation within a maximum period of 4 business hours.

4 to 7 Working days

It is the average time, in working days, to recover the damaged device*

* There are cases where it may take longer, but we will notify you so that you are always informed.





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* If the device is unrecoverable or the quotation is rejected, courier charges will be charged.

More than 20.800 diagnoses performed.
More than 29.800 devices in stock to provide a fast and economical service.
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The price to recover data from external hard drives will always depend on the damage suffered by the device, together with the hours of work and technical equipment required to carry out the recovery processes.

In any case, a prior diagnosis is necessary to detect the type of failure or combination of various failures. Below we detail the most common breakdowns and the reference prices:

From €250 to €450 / + vat

For logic or board faults:

  • Access problems to damaged partitions, bad sectors or surface degradation / Electronic boards burned / damaged by short circuit, wrong voltages or burned components.
From €350 to €690 / + vat

For Firmware faults:

  • SW internal disk corrupted. Damaged modules.
From €450 to €890 / + vat

For engine breakdowns:

  • Over temperature or motor unit failure.
From €450 to €890 / + vat

For head failures:

  • Surface degradation or reader unit failure.

The prices for data recovery on mechanical hard disks are mainly determined by two factors: Damage to the mechanical hard disk components and the hours of work involved in the recovery.

At Laby we will NOT charge you a higher amount for data volume. Only because of the difficulty of access. This difficulty is also noticeable in today’s hard disks (SMR technology).

Older hard drives (around 2015) used the PMR or CMR format. The idea was simple, the reader unit was positioned in a certain area and read or wrote in a sector (a sector could be considered as a small box where information is stored). As an idea, we could say, that the width of the reading needle would be equivalent to the width of a track on these discs (A track would be the equivalent of a circle on the disc where inside that circle are all the little boxes or sectors). Inside a platter there are several tracks and these tracks in turn contain many sectors. The speed flow was constant and the module in charge of translating physical to logical information (Translator) was hardly corrupted. The modules or firmware, would be the equivalent of small independent programs, but that work together to make the mechanical hard disk work.

In order to achieve more capacity in the same space, manufacturers have developed SMR technology. The tracks are smaller than the reader unit and therefore fit more data density.

There is a problem, however, and that is that the reader unit or head cannot be positioned in a particular sector as it could with PMR or CMR technology. It must now read a set of sectors, load it into a buffer (swap memory), modify the necessary values and write the data again (both modified and unmodified data).

It is an inefficient process, which affects the disk performance in terms of writing and also entails major firmware problems due to all the operations that have to be carried out.

This example – although there are many more – gives an idea of why there is a wide “price range” for mechanical hard disk recovery processes.

If we don't recover your data, we don't get paid

These prices are indicative, to be able to give you a reference.

If you want to know exactly the cost for you, it is best to contact us and we will give you a free estimate without obligation.

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Quico “Orgull Culé”
Quico “Orgull Culé”
Después de intentarlo en un servicio técnico informático, que me dijo que no se podía hacer nada, llevé a Laby un disco duro externo con problemas graves de hardware y que contenía archivos importantes para mí, para que intentaran recuperar todo lo posible. En un tiempo record tuve la alegría de que recuperaron todos los archivos completamente. Confié en ellos y no me equivoqué.
Carlos Gómez
Carlos Gómez
Máxima eficiencia, dos discos duros dañados y diagnosticados en menos de 4 horas. Resolución muy rápida. Atención inmejorable. Gracias Marta.
Javier Fraile
Javier Fraile
Trabajo muy profesional y transparenta gracias a la continua interacción entre el equipo de recuperación y el cliente.
Jordi Rodriguez
Jordi Rodriguez
El tracte i el servei es excel.lent però el preu es desorbitat. Crec que aquest últim punt penalitzar molt l'empresa.
Matias Carabantes
Matias Carabantes
una muy buena solucion a un problema importante, gracias
Núria Sala Rifà
Núria Sala Rifà
Muchísimas gracias por todo el trabajo realizado, fue una gran noticia para mi saber que se pudo recuperar todo el contenido del disco duro. Y más allá del resultado final, felicitaros por todo el proceso de cara al cliente, me he sentido informada en todo momento y derrocha mucha profesionalidad, empatía y cuidado. Gracias! Os recomendaré sin dudar.
Rápidos y eficientes
Joaquin Lopez
Joaquin Lopez
Excelente todo, efectividad y rapidez, excepto precio.

Trust Laby, we can recover the information from your external hard drive.


Mechanical hard disks

HDD disks have as main components the metal plates (disks), where the data is stored, and the heads that are responsible for accessing the information. The most common hard disk.

SSD Hard Drives

SSDs do not move, hence the name solid state. The information is stored in blocks and no headers are required to access it. It is much more efficient and faster than an HDD hard disk.

External Hard Drives

External hard disks allow us to store outside the computer all the important information of which we want to make a backup copy. But one failure can cause us to lose all this data.

iPhone, iPad or MacBook

Apple devices, both iPhone, iPad, iMac, MacBook, Mac Mini, etc. They are reliable, elegant, powerful and easy-to-use devices.

Laptop hard disks

On the laptop hard disk we store important work or home information. If a failure occurs, it can cause us to lose all this valuable personal data.

NAS, SAN and DAS disks

A SAN, NAS or DAS disk is a compact enclosure consisting of several hard disks that are connected via a network cable to the system, hence the common name network hard disk.

RAID systems

RAID disks are a redundant group of independent disks. They can be HDD disks or SSD disks and together they form a storage system to distribute or replicate data.

Pendrives and USB Flash Drives

Pen drives or USB flash drives consist of one or more memory blocks. They work in many cases like SSD devices (same Flash technology).

Memory cards

Memory cards are used to store information from devices such as cameras, cell phones or tablets. They differ in their storage capacity and read/write speed.

Virus or Ransomware

We recover data encrypted with viruses or ransomware. Ransomware is extortion software: its purpose is to prevent you from using your device until you have paid a ransom. Depending on the type of ransomware, the entire operating system or just some files are encrypted.

Mobile Phones and Tablets

In mobile devices or smartphones or tablets, the recovery processes can be carried out through the analysis of the electronics of the damaged components or, by carrying out the chip off process.

Data deletion

We offer the service of deletion and destruction of secure data with a certificate, either in our laboratory or remotely.

Forensic Analysis

Computer forensic analysis and expert evidence. We recover and certify critical information with legal value for companies and individuals. We have collegiate computer experts to carry out certifications, expert analyzes and reports with legal value.


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