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Working with and for people

Laby is more than a business project, it was the will to be able to do things in a different, more humane and efficient way. Based on experience, technological knowledge and common sense, we wanted Laby to be more than just a group of people, it was a team.

A team that felt listened to, with a sense of belonging to an idea and with values of responsibility, generosity and high sensitivity. And consequently, an idea that would be passed on to our clients, that we would be able to show a different concept of service in the difficult world of Data Recovery to a greater or lesser extent.


Laby Data Recovery

Company with more than 13 years of experience as a data recovery, electronics and forensics laboratory with a clear customer focus, where technology is put at the service of people and processes.

  • Free pick-up and delivery service (*).
  • Free diagnosis and
  • Real-time monitoring via our intranet.
  • If we don't recover your data, we don't charge you.

Featured Services

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Apple Data Recovery

Our specialized technicians can recover lost data from damaged iPhone, iPad or MacBook and also repair them.

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Forensic Analysis

Computer forensic analysis and expert evidence. We recover and certify critical information with legal value for companies and individuals.

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Virus or Ransomware

We recover data encrypted with virus. Ransomware is extortion software: its purpose is to prevent you from using your device.

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We recover all kinds of devices: hard drives, RAID, USB memories or flash drives, SSD drives, memory cards...

What is a data recovery lab?

Laby, data recovery laboratory

We have created this video to show you how we work at Laby and why it is important to work with a professional data lab. Whether it is photographs, memories, customer or company databases, confidential documents, etc., all data has value to its owner.

It is important to know that on many occasions, not contracting specialized data recovery services can make your device unrecoverable, that is, lose the data forever. Make sure that the company you hire treats your data with the rigor and professionalism they deserve.

Why choose Laby?

Own Electronics Laboratory

Free customer helpline

European service

Qualified Staff

At Laby we have a prestigious Rusolut Certification that makes us suitable to distribute and offer Rusolut services, thanks to the fact that we have the best technology to provide data recovery services at the highest level.


Laby Academy

If you are an inquisitive person and want to learn more about data recovery, cybersecurity or forensic science, we can advise you. Ask us without obligation.

What our customers say

Quico “Orgull Culé”
Quico “Orgull Culé”
Después de intentarlo en un servicio técnico informático, que me dijo que no se podía hacer nada, llevé a Laby un disco duro externo con problemas graves de hardware y que contenía archivos importantes para mí, para que intentaran recuperar todo lo posible. En un tiempo record tuve la alegría de que recuperaron todos los archivos completamente. Confié en ellos y no me equivoqué.
Carlos Gómez
Carlos Gómez
Máxima eficiencia, dos discos duros dañados y diagnosticados en menos de 4 horas. Resolución muy rápida. Atención inmejorable. Gracias Marta.
Javier Fraile
Javier Fraile
Trabajo muy profesional y transparenta gracias a la continua interacción entre el equipo de recuperación y el cliente.
Jordi Rodriguez
Jordi Rodriguez
El tracte i el servei es excel.lent però el preu es desorbitat. Crec que aquest últim punt penalitzar molt l'empresa.
Matias Carabantes
Matias Carabantes
una muy buena solucion a un problema importante, gracias
Núria Sala Rifà
Núria Sala Rifà
Muchísimas gracias por todo el trabajo realizado, fue una gran noticia para mi saber que se pudo recuperar todo el contenido del disco duro. Y más allá del resultado final, felicitaros por todo el proceso de cara al cliente, me he sentido informada en todo momento y derrocha mucha profesionalidad, empatía y cuidado. Gracias! Os recomendaré sin dudar.
Rápidos y eficientes
Joaquin Lopez
Joaquin Lopez
Excelente todo, efectividad y rapidez, excepto precio.


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Certified Company

Laby has a quality management system that has been
certified to the ISO-9001:2015 standard

Registered Company

Instituto Nacional de Cyberseguridad