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Computer forensic analysis and expert evidence

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What is a Forensic Analysis?

The forensic analysis is made up of a series of procedures that certify the evidence or evidence found reliably. Among them is the identification of evidence, taking or acquisition of data, analysis and study of the results obtained and, finally, the preparation and presentation of a report of results. Data can be obtained not only from a hard drive but from a wide range of sources, such as mobile phones, telephone routers, car and multimedia system control units, unmanned aerial systems or nautical devices. All phases are important, but without a doubt, making a report that simply, truthfully and clearly summarizes the results obtained can make the difference in front of acourt. strong>

What is Computer Expertise?

It is the research study aimed at obtaining a digital proof that can be applied in court, and that serves a judge to decide and take a verdict on the guilt or innocence of one of the parties. The computer expertise is also that private study or investigation for the search for evidence and arguments that clarify the facts that are discussed between the parties.

What is an IT Expert?

The computer expert is a qualified professional, expert in IT and telecommunications, in charge of providing the necessary support to both individuals, organizations or companies, when litigation occurs in what there is technological evidence. This professional is responsible for explaining and advising the judge, in the clearest and simplest way, so that it can be understood by people who are not computer experts.


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What is Chain of Custody?

It is that technical-legal supervision procedure that is used to determine and specify the digital signs related to the crime. From the time they are detected and reported, until they are evaluated by the computer expert. The purpose of this procedure is not to vitiate the handling of the evidentiary means, and thus avoid manipulation, contamination, alteration, damage, replacements, contamination or destruction. This procedure constitutes a formal guarantee system whose purpose is to record all the activities carried out by each and every person who comes into contact with the evidence.

What is the Counter Expert Report?

The report against IT expert is the IT expert opinion carried out by the IT expert to find errors in terms of technique, methodology, form and chain of custody in a document delivered by the other part as anexpert computer report. In carrying out this computer expert report it is checked:
  • That the expert computer report complies with the aspects of form and forensic computer protocols.
  • Chain of custody has been maintained and that the test is repeatable.
  • The report includes the legal aspects and compliance with regulations regarding computer expertise.
  • It is thecomputer expert who signs it who has the legal requirements and is qualified to issue an expert computer report.
  • That it is a technical report and not a personal computer opinion issuing an assumed opinion.
  • That the computer expert has been impartial.
Computer Forensic Analysis

What is being investigated?

Furthermore, a computer forensics analysis will examine everything related to the device that experienced this incident. For example:
  • Files in print queue.
  • Volatile memory dumps.
  • Operating system file sharing space.
  • Unallocated spaces on the storage device (hard disk, SSD, etc.).
  • Logs of the operating system and applications installed on the device.
  • Data not recorded in file allocation tables.
  • Information stored on the device and in memory.
  • Deleted files and data, such as:
  • Other relevant items stored on the device.
Computer Forensic Analysis

When do you need an IT expert?

The hiring of a computer forensic expert is carried out in situations where it is presumed or there is evidence that a criminal event has occurred in a computer system. For example:
  • Copyright and trademark violations.
  • Disclosure of confidential information. Invasions of personal privacy.
  • Unauthorized access to company documents or files.
  • Unfair practices of competing employees.
  • Employment terminations due to misuse of technology.
  • Assessment of technological assets or products.
  • Protection of sensitive personal data or legal information.
  • Unlawful access or alteration of software.
  • Damage to computer equipment.
  • Unauthorized use, reproduction and distribution of programs (piracy).
  • Scams and fraud through digital media.
  • Crimes related to child pornography.
  • Data deletion
  • And more…



WhatsApp Expert: We certify your tests

Expertise WhatsApp conversations with legal validity through computer forensics by a computer expert.

Computer expertise in Mobiles

Mobile evidence analysis and certification using tools such as XRY, Celebrite or Rusolut. Realization of computer expert reports and mobile expertise.

Theft of computer data in a company

Analysis and expert reports of stolen confidential information, theft of information and criminal acts carried out in the workplace.

Computer expertise of images and videos

Appraise and certify video recordings, authenticate photographs, or appraise manipulated or modified images and/or videos.

Expertise of manipulated documents

Expert report on document manipulation, modified PDF, Document falsification etc.

Expertise of e-mails

Certify and audit e-mails (sent and received).

Phishing, impersonation

Computer expertise in phishing, electronic fraud, impersonation phishing.

Cyberbullying, digital violence and minors

Computer expertise in cyberbullying of minors and digital gender violence.

Computer expert social networks

Cyberbullying, spying on Instagram chats, Facebook and other social networks, impersonation etc.

Report against computer expert

Judicial computer expertise and expert counter-reports.

Timeline analysis and forensic copies

Forensic study and analysis temporary line of work, computer equipment usage report, making forensic copy.

Child pornography, P2P files

Expert download emule or P2P networks of downloaded files, child pornography etc.


Each case will be analyzed individually, so an appointment must be requested for the study and analysis of your particular case. Consultations will be billed in 1-hour increments, with a cost of €96.90 + VAT per consultation.

Frequently asked questions about
forensic reports

Computer forensics is a research study aimed at obtaining digital evidence that can be used in court proceedings. It is used in cases where technological evidence needs to be analyzed and presented to help the judge make a decision about the guilt or innocence of one of the parties. Computer forensics is particularly useful in computer crimes, wire fraud, security breaches, and more.
To be an IT expert, you need to have solid knowledge in IT and telecommunications. It is important to have specialized training in the field, as well as experience in forensic data analysis and legal procedures in addition to technical skills, research ability, knowledge of regulations and laws related to computer forensics, and the ability to communicate clearly and comprehensibly for non-computer experts.

The forensic data analysis process carried out by a computer expert consists of several stages. It includes identifying relevant digital evidence, acquiring and preserving the data in a forensic manner, analyzing the data to extract relevant information, and preparing an expert report summarizing the findings. It is important to follow protocols and maintain chain of custody to ensure the validity and integrity of the evidence obtained.
During computer forensics, various measures are applied to ensure the validity and integrity of the evidence. This includes the use of specialized techniques and tools for forensic data acquisition and preservation. A detailed record of all activities carried out is maintained and the chain of custody is secured to prevent any tampering or alteration of the evidence. In addition, recognized standards and protocols in the field of computer forensics are followed.
The computer expert report is of vital importance in a judicial process, as it clearly and precisely summarizes the findings and conclusions of the computer expert. This report provides technical evidence and reasoned arguments that help the judge understand the technological aspects of the case. The computer expert report can influence the judge’s decision-making and can be used as evidence during the trial. Its proper and comprehensible presentation is crucial to support the arguments of the parties involved and to clarify the facts in dispute.

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