Data recovery in Oviedo

If you are in the city of Oviedo and you have a data problem, your hard drive has broken , your USB flash drive has stopped working , the disk has fallen or won't boot, your flash drive has broken or has been accidentally deleted... from Laby we can help you recover information.

Laby assures you a solution to your problem.



In just 1 HOUR

We arrange collection by courier service.

In 4 Working Hours

After receiving the device in the laboratory (within 24 hours), we provide a diagnosis and a free estimate within a maximum of 4 working hours.

4 to 7 working days

This is the average time, in working days, to recover the damaged device*.

* There are cases where it may take longer, but we will notify you so that you are always informed.

If you are in Oviedo and have lost your data, we want and can help you to recover the damaged files.

We are a company specialised in recovering
lost data in Oviedo

Professional data recovery system from our own laboratory

Our goal is to recover data

If we don't recover, we don't get paid

12 years of experience in the sector More than 19.636 diagnoses made. More than 27.372 discs in stock to provide a fast and economical service. Own software and personalized intranet. We recover all kinds of storage devices: hard drives, flash drives, usb memories, SSD drives, memory cards...


Mechanical hard disks

The main components of HDD disks are the main platters (disks), where the data is stored, and the heads, which are responsible for accessing the information. The most common hard disk.

SSD Hard Drives

SSDs do not move, hence the name solid state. The information is stored in blocks and no headers are required to access it. It is much more efficient and faster than an HDD hard disk.

External Hard Drives

External hard disks allow us to store outside the computer all the important information of which we want to make a backup copy. But one failure can cause us to lose all this data.

Iphone, Ipad or MacBook

Apple devices, such as Iphone, Ipad, Macbook, Macbook air Imac, Mac Mini, etc; are reliable, elegant, powerful and easy to use devices.

Laptop hard disks

On the laptop hard disk we store important work or home information. If a failure occurs, it can cause us to lose all this valuable personal data.

NAS, SAN and DAS disks

A SAN, NAS or DAS disk is a compact enclosure consisting of several hard disks that are connected via a network cable to the system, hence the common name network hard disk.

RAID systems

RAID disks are a redundant group of independent disks. They can be HDD disks or SSD disks and together they form a storage system to distribute or replicate data.

Pendrives and USB Flash Drives

Pen drives or USB flash drives consist of one or more memory blocks. They work in many cases like SSD devices (same Flash technology).

Memory cards

Memory cards are used to store information from devices such as cameras, cell phones or tablets. They differ in their storage capacity and read/write speed.

Virus or Ransomware

We recover data encrypted with viruses or ransomware. Ransomware is extortive software: its purpose is to prevent you from using your device until you have paid a ransom. Depending on the type of ransomeware, either the entire operating system or only some files are encrypted.

Mobile Phones and Tablets

In mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets, the recovery process can be performed through electronic repair of the damaged components or by performing the chip off process.

Data deletion

We offer the service of secure data erasure and destruction with certificate in our laboratory to perform personalized management or we can offer the service of destruction and erasure of data remotely.

Forensic Analysis

Computer forensic analysis and expert evidence We recover and certify critical information with legal value for companies and individuals We have certified computer experts to perform certifications, expert analysis and reports with legal value.


The price to recover data from hard drives will always depend on the damage suffered by the device, together with the hours and technical equipment required to carry out the recovery processes.

In any case, a prior diagnosis is necessary to detect the type of failure or combination of various failures. Consult the different sections of our website with the most common breakdowns and the reference prices.


If we don't recover your data, we don't get paid

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