When to use a data recovery company?

We have already told you that our data is as precious as it is sensitive.

Many factors can lead us to lose important information for us or our company.

The best we can do is to be very careful to minimize risks and avoid more than one unpleasant surprise.

We already told you how to prevent data loss in our previous post. previous post.

But even if we take all the measures at our disposal, it is possible that at some point we will end up losing data.

This is especially common in companies, since we work long hours with our devices and we are constantly downloading new information to them.

If we are already in a delicate solution in which we see that we have lost files, images, documents, etc., but we do not have a backup copy or it is damaged, we have three options:

  • Writing them off as lost: this is done by many individuals who, out of ignorance, think that it is impossible to recover lost files or that it will be too complex or expensive for them.

  • Trying to recover them yourself:this is an option that many individuals and small businesses turn to, either because they do not know that there are companies that specialize in data recovery, or because they see themselves capable of doing it themselves and thus save money.

  • Call in a specialized data recovery company: this is the most advisable option, especially for companies and individuals who have lost important data or data of great sentimental value.

Here’s when it’s especially important to turn to a company that specializes in lost data recovery.


Do I take it on myself or find a data recovery company?

This is the first question that arises when we lose data on one of our devices.

Well, the first one is “Why me, God?” 🤣

And, once the moment of shock has passed shock, the question of what to do next arises.

Before you decide to perform the data recovery yourself, we recommend that you think about the following:

  • Do I have enough training to get into data recovery?

  • Do I have a program, tools and/or machines with sufficient technical characteristics to be able to recover my lost data?

  • What if something goes wrong and I lose my files for good?

  • If I am a company, will I comply with the data recovery protocol established by the current regulations on data protection?

We recommend that you ask yourself these questions, since, if you have doubts about the answer to any of them, you will have to evaluate whether it is worth the risk.

Ten esto en cuenta:

In many cases there is only one opportunity

to recover the data

Do you see yourself with the necessary tools and capabilities to do so?

Why use a lost data recovery company?

There are many advantages of entrusting our lost, damaged or deleted data to a specialized company.

They are “data doctors”

Faced with a serious illness, would you try to cure or even operate on yourself?

Surely not.

You would go quickly to a doctor specialized in your ailment to recover as soon as possible and with the best guarantees.

The same applies to your lost data.

Companies specializing in data recovery are “data doctors” so to speak.

They know every “disease” that may have led your data to be inaccessible in the conventional way and find a way to fix the problem. in the conventional way and find a way to fix the problem.

They are effective
The chances of recovering the data you have lost will be much higher if you go to a specialized company than if you use user-level data recovery programs.

The tools and programs that specialized laboratories have are very different and much more effective and powerful than what you can get at home or in your company.

They are fast

Thanks to these specialized tools and their expertise, they will recover your data much faster than if you try to do it yourself.

This is of vital importance in companies that see their performance diminished, or even paralyzed, when data loss occurs.

Either because of the loss itself and because of the recommendation to stop so as not to overwrite the information.

You will save yourself a lot of stress

A company specialized in data recovery will take care of everything so that you only have to wait for the result.

At LABY we even take care of the pick-up and return of the device of the device, to save you travel and ensure that it arrives at our laboratory (and then back to your home or company) in perfect condition.

In addition, you will avoid the pressure (and work hours) of trying to recover the data in fear of making the situation worse.

No risk

Some data recovery companies, such as LABYwe are so confident that we can help you recover the information you have lost that:

If we don’t recover your data, we don’t get paid


If the data you have lost is relevant to you because of its importance or sentimental value If the data you have lost is relevant to you, because of its importance or sentimental value, it is highly recommended that you leave the task of recovering it in the hands of professionals.

This is almost mandatory if it is a company that must comply with current data protection regulations and whose work performance depends on this lost data.


Avoid risks and waste of time. Regain control of your information.

Trust data recovery professionals.

Contact with us request your budget and we will take care of everything.

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