Is it possible to recover data from a broken cell phone?

Se me ha roto el móvil, ¿Puedo recuperar mis datos?

You may be familiar with some of these horrific scenes:

  • “I dropped my cell phone in the pool.” (Who says in the pool, says in the toilet).
  • “The cell phone has hit the ground for the 44821st time and hasn’t held out any longer.
  • “I put the phone on charge and it hasn’t turned back on anymore.”
  • “The smartphone heated up like an oven and mysteriously shut down.”

And we could go on like this for a long time.

Have you experienced any of these situations?

Surely you do (or will experience it at some point in the not too distant future).

When we see ourselves with a broken cell phone in our hands (which has possibly cost us part of an organ) and which is full of valuable data, we can be two kinds of people.

This one:

Ataque de pánico porque he perdido los datos de mi móvil

Or this one:

Enfado porque he perdido los datos de mi m

Whoever you are.

Today we’re going to give you a treat, because you’re going to be able to answer the dreaded question:

Okay, my smartphone is not spared, but….

Can I recover data from my broken cell phone?

The answer is, yes.

Or in 90% of the cases, at least.

In what situations can data be recovered from a broken cell phone?

These are the cases in which, generally, the data stored in a damaged mobile phone can be recovered:

  • The cell phone does not turn on (not even connected to the charger). Nor putting it under the sun to see if with natural light….
  • The phone is looping all the time (on and off, on and off, on and off) like a car’s turn signal.
  • The cell phone fell and a truck, a bus and 300 tourists ran over it.
  • You wanted to take a beach selfie and ended up scuba diving to find your phone… yes, it ended up submerged in water (and worse, salt water).

As you can see, there is a solution in almost any case.

What type of data is possible to recover from a broken mobile?

That’s another big doubt that often arises when we are faced with our cell phone funeral.

What data will I lose and what will I be able to recover?

It all depends on the specific case of your device and the method you need to use to recover the data (read on as we will tell you different ways to do it), but this is the information that is usually easily recoverable:

  • Photos (the first thing we think of).
  • Contacts (we don’t want to lose our ex’s number even if we never use it).
  • Applications and their information (yes, WhatsApp conversations).
  • Documents and other types of files.
  • Etc.

How to recover data from a broken cell phone

Let’s not fool ourselves.

The best (safest, cheapest and fastest) way to recover data is:

Restore a backup copy

But of course, for that you have to have made the backup previously.

We recommend (if you still have time) that you schedule automatic backups so that you always have peace of mind knowing that your data is safe in the cloud.

Both Android and iPhone have the ability to make backups.

Android does them through Google Drive and iPhone through Icloud.

Although there are also other external applications that you can hire such as Dropbox.

Depending on the amount of information you store on your mobile, you may be able to get by with the free space these applications give away for free or you may have to pay monthly for more space in the cloud.

It is possible to connect the cell phone via USB to the computer to perform a complete backup.

Although, let’s be honest…

Will you remember to do it?

Most importantly, can you go three hours (or more) without touching your phone while the backup is taking place?

Connecting a mouse to your cell phone when the screen is not responsive

If the touch screen of your smartphone does not respond, but you can see it, you can try connecting a mouse to the cell phone to be able to send you the data or make a backup at that moment.

To do this you will need your phone to have a USB output or you will need to have previously paired a wireless mouse via Bluetooth.

conectar raton al movil para recuperar datos

And when nothing works?

If you have tried all the options, but nothing has succeeded in recovering your data, there is one last option for all that information that is of great value to you (personal or work-related).

To turn to a professional data recovery company so that, in their laboratory and with the most advanced technical tools, they can save in extremis all the information stored in your damaged device.

At Laby we have our own laboratory and the most powerful tools to recover even the most valuable data from any Android or Apple device.

Contact us and request information and request information.

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